and it’s contagious / and it’s contagious

So Linda came through like a trooper, cats, and now we can all enjoy The Last Ba’al, where SG-1 meets sex pollen, Rodney has cupcakes, and Teal’c, as usual, thinks the humans are all crackers. Read! Comment! Encourage Linda to pursue fanfiction as a career!

And with that, the next warm body tossed into the grinder’s Linda’s own husband Matt, who blogs over at Big Hot Future! and will write off the following prompt: Londo Mollari, ghosts, a crawlspace, and opera. 

Toss it up in the comments when you’re done, Matt, so the world can roll around in your genius!

Me, I’m writing some X-Files fanfiction today, provided Punk helps.


4 responses to “and it’s contagious / and it’s contagious

  1. I can’t wait to read it! Anything with Londo! Remember when we were friends with Peter Jurasik on myspace? He emailed me to tell me not to take it personal that he was deleting his account. Too many fans and he felt to old to have a profile there. I just had that random flashback!

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