doke-tarrr huuu!

(That’s Doctor Who in a Scottish accent. I never said I could do a Scottish accent.)

Spoilers ahead, for the Johnny-come-latelies who somehow haven’t seen the new episode yet. Here’s a cut tag.

So, before “Asylum of the Daleks” aired, io9’s Charlie Jane Anders wrote a great article about Stephen Moffett’s overarching plans for Eleven and his mythology. And while I haven’t totally drunk the Moffett kool-aid (Davies had a reverence for the Doctor that Moffett seems to be hell bent on demystifying; also, Moffett’s tricks are starting to show; there’s only so many times you can riff on the construct “if he’s over there then who is that typing?” “if the clock’s broken then what’s that ticking?” “if they have two heads why do the statues only have one?” and so on and so forth) I am fully on board with the fact that he’s been seeding information for Eleven’s arc across the seasons. 

So, at the end of last season, we were told, “Silence will fall when the question is asked.” And we’re told the question is “Doctor WHO?”

Anders, in her article, suggests that this implies that the Doctor’s name has the power to bring destruction to the universe, to invoke the Silence. But, having seen “Asylum of the Daleks” now, I’m wondering if instead, the “Doctor WHO?” question refers to the fact that the Daleks have forgotten the Doctor. Like maybe if one by one the Doctor’s enemies forget him, Silence will reign? And that it doesn’t have anything to do with his name at all.

Question the second, which I could just as easily ask the internet but choose not to: in early spoilers, Jenna-Louise Coleman was tapped as the new companion for this season. She played Oswin in “Asylum,” and we all know of the tragic end she met… did the news mean she was the companion for just this episode? Or is the Doctor going to travel back in time and pluck an Oswin from history so she can travel time and space with him? (That’d be super cool, having a companion you know you have to get home in time to turn into a Dalek) 

I tell you, I was dubious about a new companion replacing the Ponds, but I really did enjoy Oswin. Bring her on, I say. And here’s an example of where I trust Moffett’s ability to make her provenance super cool.



3 responses to “doke-tarrr huuu!

  1. I enjoyed Oswin as well. I just re-watched the season 6 finale with Matt last night and was surprised with how much I didn’t remember! But is the question, “Doctor Who?” I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, but after seeing Asylum of the Daleks and now knowing they forget him…I’m interested to see what they do with that storyline. Oh Doctor Who…the one show that could go anyplace and anytime with anyone and get away with it. It’s a magical thing…and I could only hope that I can write for a show like it in the future. Well, back to building my cardboard time machine in the backyard.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t crazy about the Doctor Who-as-question concept. Too play-on-wordsy for me. Kind of like having a “the thing spelled backwards is the same as the other thing!”
      But after watching the first episode of the season (about twenty minutes ago), I like your theory, and I think that would remedy my ambivalence about the way the question/answer/silence is playing out.

      Thirded on Oswin. She’s plucky! And we know she’d ultimately be tragic. Very Doctor Who.

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